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I saw and posted this on FB but it's quite interesting so I'd like to post it here as well. It'll get lost in the rubble at FB.

Which English?

My result was:

Our top three guesses for your English dialect:?
1. Irish (Republic of)
2. Scottish (UK)
3. North Irish (UK)
Our top three guesses for your native (first) language:?
1. English
2. Norwegian
3. Hungarian

Erm, close enough, I guess.
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Travel the World

A couple of weeks ago, read_warbler mentioned the Travel the World in Books challenge. The last thing I need is something else that I won't finish but after mulling over it for two weeks I've decided to commit. After all, I'm reading anyway so why not? This isn't official participation in the challenge because I don't blog but I'll create a shelf at my Goodreads page and make an attempt to write a review for each book in the challenge. Here's the deal...

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I want to know if you have or had a full set of wisdom teeth. I'm not interested in whether you had any pulled (although you can entertain me with your dental adventures if you wish). I want to know how many you were graced with.

Poll #1976159 Wisdom teeth
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How many wisdom teeth did you have?

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19 (57.6%)
5 (15.2%)
6 (18.2%)
2 (6.1%)
1 (3.0%)
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Book meme

Last night, I finished reading Jacques Bonnet's Phantoms on the Bookshelves (a book after my own heart) and started putting together a meme based on it. Some of this overlaps other book memes but does anyone get tired of talking about books? If you do, don't speak up. You needn't answer the meme in a comment on my post. Feel free to spread it around, such as it is.

1. How many books do you own and how did you come to be a book collector (assuming that you are)? Feel free to start in early childhood and take as long as you need to get from then to now.
2. What kind of bibliomaniac are you - a specialist collector (you collect books on one topic or by one author or in one genre or...), an accumulator (self-explanatory although it's often a kind of serial monogamy in which one moves from 'one collecting interest to another' as Bonnet puts it), or a compulsive reader who ended up with a lot of books from a desire to read rather than just a desire to own, or a bit of all three? Or something else?
3. What does your book collection say about you? What would a stranger think about you from glancing at your shelves?
4. How do you organise your books (or do you)?
5. Do you read them?
6. What's you favourite place for reading (or places, if you have more than one)?
7. Bonnet has a chapter titled 'Where do they all come from?' so I ask you the same. How did your books get into your library?
8. Your favourite bookshops (then and now)?
9. Do you keep lists of books to read, books you've read, books you want to own, books you'd take to a desert island etc?
10. Which 10 books would you take to a desert island?
11. Are you a completist? Do you need to own all of a series, all of an author etc?
12. Do you have a favourite art book and why is it a favourite?
13. Name a favourite TV show and/or film involving a bookshop, library or book collection.
14. Choose 5 books from your shelves and describe the circumstances of their purchase, when you read them, and why you chose them for this question.
15. A favourite book about books and/or libraries.
16. Do you have a favourite dictionary? Any kind of dictionary.
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30 Day Anime Challenge Days 2 and 3 (because I'll be busy tomorrow). The questions were - favourite anime I've watched so far and favourite male anime character ever. That's easy because my favourite anime so far is likely to remain my favourite (oh- I should say that I'm not including Miyazaki in this challenge) - X/1999. And my favourite male character is actually two favourites - Subaru and Seishiro. I was going to say something about why it's my favourite anime but I don't have time between bouts of blowing my nose. As for Seishiro and Subaru... I'll let two videos speak for me on both questions. The first song is 'Pieces' by Sum 41. The second is '5. März' by Megaherz. The lyrics to the latter couldn't be more apt. Full translation here.

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30 Day Anime Challenge 1: Very first anime you watched.

That would be Darkside Blues (Dākusaido Burūsu, 1994). I wish I could say that some thought went into my choice but it was a question of what was available on VHS (yes, VHS) in my local music store, what wasn't outrageously expensive, and what was subtitled not dubbed. And when I saw the cover (go behind the cut for it), well...

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This is a good review - better than I could do because I haven't seen it in ages (as I said - VHS - and no HD English subtitled version on YouTube and I can't buy everything). 20 year old animation aside, I suspect that it was a good first choice. The bozo on YouTube who said it wasn't as good as Vampire Hunter D (1985) is deranged but then I've never understood the appeal of the latter.

There are some fun Russian fan vids. Nice choice of song for this one ('Saviour' by Anggun).

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Said I wouldn't have much to say. Feel like crap.
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I'm at a pretty low ebb and that means I have to give myself Things to Do as a distraction. The first thing was the Reading Manga Challenge 2014 for the Manga & Anime Lovers group at Goodreads. I started late but as an antidote to the Marvel comics I read in 2013 I've 'challenged' myself to read 75 manga before the end of the year. Some will be old friends. That's not in addition to the 200 books I'm supposed to read for the Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge. And I've just found a 30 Day Anime Challenge at Tumblr which I won't do at Tumblr since I don't (yet) blog about anime or manga there. It's behind the cut and I'll start on 1 June. I won't have much to say.

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